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En Cuisine

Notes e Nostalgies - From my Paris kitchen

This beautiful book captures the essence of living well, the French way. Containing over 80 recipes, some dating back to the fourteenth century, as well as traditional tips ranging from how to clean copper to making the perfect eau de cologne, En Cuisine takes you into the heart of every French home - the kitchen - and makes you feel welcome.


Jules François has spent years travelling in France, and her love and appreciation of all things French shines through, both in her collection of recipes and in the memories and experiences that she shares within these pages.


Also included are memorable quotes from famous gourmands and fascinating insights into various aspects of French culinary culture, while the many recipes, anecdotes and quotes are perfectly complemented by Jules' stunning original artworks. 


Published by Exisle, 2006. Author: Jules François. Illustrations: Jules François.

Nine years after the release of her sell-out cook book, En Cuisine, Jules François returns with more magnificent recipes, handy hints and exquisite paintings from her latest collection of original artworks. 


The reknowned Francophile revists her many trips to Paris, shares memories, anecdotes and further insights into French culture. Her recipes embody her love of cooking, and have been hand-selected to ensure that cooks of every level can enjoy a wonderful selection of French cuisine.


As the purchasers of her first book will attest, Jules' recipes are easy to follow, and are a success every time.


Notes e Nostalgies has just been released for sale.


To secure your copy, contact Jules today.


Publisher: Self published. Author: Jules François. Illustrations: Jules François.


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