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Lessons from the Renaissance masters

When Jules François was just 4.5 years old, an Uncle took her to visit the Art Gallery of NSW. 


Jules was stopped in her tracks, arrested at an image before her. It was Evariste Luminais' painting of The Sons of Clovis II; the image of two young boys tied at the feet, set acast on a raft by their mother to die. She was spellbound by the translucent water in the image, and so she asked her Uncle: 'What colour makes the water do that?' Her Uncle did not know, but from that moment on, Jules knew she would paint.


She went on to study painting for 11.5 years, with her signature style and eye for colour blossoming under the tutelage of teacher Charlie Sheard, who taught her the methods of the Masters of the Renaissance. These are the methods she deploys in her art, and passes on to her many faithful adult students.

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